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The Practice Team

Nurse Practitioners

David McSheehy, Ashley McGurnaghan, Karen Nelson and May Walker are members of our clinical team. They are advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) who have completed graduate-level education. They treat both physical and mental health conditions by means of comprehensive history taking physical examinations ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests. They can diagnose a wide range of acute and chronic diseases and provide appropriate treatment for patients including prescribing appropriate medications. They can see patients of all ages depending on their specialty training. They can refer patients to other services and can arrange hospital admission where necessary. They can also offer health promotion, disease prevention and patient education interventions. David has also had extensive experience of working independently for the Out of Hours Services in other areas of the country.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Admin Staff

Our Practice Manager, Alison Douglas and her Assistant, Julie Spence manage a team of 4 Nurse Practitioners, 3 Nurses and 18 staff consisting of receptionists, computer operators, filing clerks, medical secretaries and members of our clinical trials team

Nursing Staff

We employ three nurses : Anne McDonald, Michelle Gray and Lorraine Owen. They are able to provide a wide range of services including dressings, injections, cervical smear tests and assist with family planning, immunisations, minor operations, the treatment of accidents, advice for travellers and a range of other advice for health problems. They also provide certain screening clinics like the Diabetic Clinic, Asthma Clinic and Combined Clinic.

Phlebotomists/Health Care Assistants

Dianne Cardno and Angela McKenzie provide a phlebotomy (taking of blood samples) service for our patients every morning Monday to Friday. This service allows you the flexibility to organise appointments to have blood samples taken at a time that is more convenient to you. A doctor or a nurse may refer you to the phlebotomist and appointments can be arranged at reception. Dianne and Angela also undertake the duties of a Health Care Assistant. They are able to provide a range of services including ECGs, breath tests, spirometry tests, learning disability health assessments, ear syringing, suture removal, apply dressings (by referral of nurse only) and various injections. You may be invited by letter to attend the Health Care Assistant or your Doctor or Nurse may refer you to the Health Care Assistant.

What is a Health Care Assistant?

District Nurses

We work closely with our District nursing colleagues Bernadette Morgan : Team Leader, Margaret Lavery : Deputy Team Leader, Staff Nurses Shirley Tulloch, Margaret Frew, John Maxwell, Deborah Bond, Kay Wilson and Nursing Assistant Carroll McKinnon, They provide a wide range of nursing services for people in their homes. They can be contacted at Ballot Road Clinic by telephoning 279253

Health Visitors

We work closely with our Health Visitor colleagues: Margaret Pieroni, Lesley Lumsden, Margaret Bass, Louise Waddell, Leanne Carmichael. They can be contacted at Ballot Road Clinic as follows:

They can be contacted at Ballot Road Clinic as follows:

L. Lumsden

M. Pieroni

M. Bass

L. Cullinane

L. Carmichael

Community Midwife

This practice offers a Midwife Lead Maternity Service for our patients. If you have received confirmation of pregnancy or are thinking of becoming pregnant then you should arrange an appointment with the midwife.

The Midwifery serive is piloting a new service for patients called Best Start. This means that the midwife will see see patients not just before and after birth but will be in attendance during labour too

One effect of this is that midwife clinics will no longer be held in Townhead Surgery after 01/08/2018. Clinics from this date will be held at Ayrshire Central Hospital.Patients need to phone the midwife to book appointments on 01563 825411. The pilot initially runs until the end of December

Following delivery of your baby the midwife will look after you and your baby until 10 days following birth. You will then be looked after by one of our Health Visitors from day 11 until your child starts school. You should arrange an appointment with your doctor to have your post-natal examination around 6 weeks following the birth of your baby.

Community Link Worker

Amanda Cameron is available in the surgery by appointment. The Community Link Worker aims to help improve people’s health and wellbeing by making local connections between people and the services available in their community. Appointments for Amanda can be arranged through our appointments department.


This practice undertakes the teaching of student nurses and student midwives. This is an important part of their training however, if you are unhappy about the student being present during your consultation please let the doctor or nurse know.

GP Registrars

Townhead Surgery is a training practice for GPs in training.

A large part of their training requires them to work in General Practice.

They work with all members of the Practice team and they also see their own patients.

Community Dietitian

Two weeks out of every month a Community Dietitian, Karen MacDonald sees patients in the surgery. Access to the dietitian is only by referral from your doctor or nurse.

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