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Other Information

General Enquiries

For general enquires please telephone the surgery on 01294 441 441.

Disabled Patients

The entrance into the surgery is designed to accommodate you. In addition an intercom system is available in the entrance foyer to allow you to call on a member of staff for assistance if required.

Blind or Partially Sighted Patients

We have provided a map of the surgery premises in the entrance foyer in Braille to assist you.

Deaf/Mute Patients

If you do not have access to an interpreter to assist during your consultation this can be arranged for you. This should be arranged when booking the appointment.

Elderly or Infirm Patients

If you are unable to climb our stairs we can make arrangements for you to be seen downstairs. Please organise this when booking in for your appointment.

Interpreting Services

If you do not speak English very well an interpreter can be arranged for you. Please highlight this to staff before booking appointments as a longer appointment is required. A telephone interpreter will be arranged at the start of the consultation.

Violent or Abusive Patients

This practice does not tolerate violence or aggression. Any attack verbally or physically on a member of staff or a GP is completely unacceptable. Any offenders will be removed from our list of patients.CRIMINAL ACTION WILL BE CONSIDERED


Are you a carer? A carer is someone who looks after a member of their family, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without assistance due to age, illness or disability. Is this you? Please let us know so that we can ensure that this information is added to your records.

Change of Name and Address

If you, and or other family members, should change your name or address please let us know as soon as possible to enable us to update our records and to inform the Practitioner Services Division.

Email Address

If you have an e-mail account at home then please let us know. Your email address can be added to our records. Patients can order prescriptions by email and obtain results by email.

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