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Tinnitus Awareness Week 2016

The Scottish Tinnitus Advisory Group would like to remind everyone that Tinnitus Awareness Week is 8 to 14 February 2016.

Tinnitus is understood to be present in around ten per cent of the population at any given time. While not an illness or disease, it can cause a range of difficulties for some people who experience it. This can range from mild irritation to significant worry and anxiety. In most cases it is not possible to pinpoint the exact cause of tinnitus. However, it is rarely a sign of serious ill-health.

Tinnitus Awareness Week takes place every year with the aim of raising awareness of the condition by providing better information about tinnitus and dispelling some of the myths.

This flyer gives some information about Tinnitus Awareness Week 2016.

The British Tinnitus Association can also provide a broad range of information including and leaflets for use by professionals and those experiencing tinnitus. For more information or advice, contact the British Tinnitus Association directly or the local Audiology Service.

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