Due to the demand on our services and reduced human resources as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently having to modify some of our services as advertised on our website. Please DO NOT come to the surgery unless you have been advised to do so by a member of our clinical team or if you have a pre-arranged appointment. If you need any further detail regarding any of our services please contact us for advice on 01294 441441 general enquiries.

Medicines are NOT in short supply. Please only order the medicines that you need. Do NOT order all medicines every time.
Pharmacies are extremely busy so please allow at least FIVE days after ordering medicines before collecting from your nominated pharmacy.

Book an Appointment

Can another healthcare professional help?

Sometimes the GP is not the most appropriate healthcare professional to deal with your ailment. Please see the information on see a doctor or healthcare professional, which might help you decide whether a GP appointment is truly necessary or whether it might be better for you to see a pharmacist, optician, dentist, or other healthcare professional.You can even self-refer for some services without seeing your GP.

Let us know

For same day appointments, advice and prescriptions you must let us know by 11am!

  • Appointments may be made by telephone or in person
  • To avoid your disappointment please note that an appointment is for a consultation about one condition only
  • Please make one appointment for each member of the family who needs to be seen
  • We try to keep to time but please be patient if someone before you takes longer than planned
  • Appointments are normally fifteen minute slots and so if you have a complicated problem, or more than one problem, you may require another appointment
  • It is Practice policy to allow patients to choose whichever doctor they wish to attend in the Practice (however this may not always be possible during periods of annual leave, or illness)

Elderly or Infirm Patients

If you are unable to climb our stairs we can make arrangements for you to be seen downstairs. Please organise this when booking in for your appointment.

Please help us

On average 27 GP appointments, 26 nurse appointments and 12 Phlebotomist/HCA appointments per week could be freed up if patients were to cancel in plenty of time. This would prevent delays in other patients receiving appointments and appropriate treatment. To cancel an appointment please telephone: 01294 441441 and select option 6 when prompted. For your convenience appointments can be cancelled out of hours by telephoning this number. You can also use our online cancel an appointment form shown below, ( you must provide at least 24 hours notice when using this form ).

If you are more than 10 minutes late you may be asked to re-book another appointment.

Pre-bookable Appointments

Some appointments can be booked up to four weeks in advance. Staff will ask you for some brief detail about the problem you are having at the doctor’s instruction.

Urgent Appointments

If you need to be seen on an urgent basis you will be seen that day by the most appropriate clinician to deal with your problem. You will be required to provide staff with some detail of your problem. A Doctor or Nurse will call you back to triage your problem.

Same day Appointments

These requests are currently triaged by a Doctor or Nurse. Staff will ask you for some brief detail about the problem you are having at the Doctor’s instruction at the point of contact.

Telephone Consultations

These appointments are available every morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday and can be booked up to four weeks in advance. Telephone consultations may be appropriate for items such as dicussing test results, medication changes and hospital letters. These can be arranged by telephoning: 01294 441441

Get General Telephone Advice

On the day telephone advice is available if requested before 11:00am. Requests made after 11:00am will only be accommodated if time and capacity permits.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a specific time or named clinician for this call back. This service is available Monday to Friday and we will endeavour to return your call on that day. However on days with high demand, or if you call late in the day, your call will be returned the next working day.

Nurse Appointments

Our Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are available by appointment every day of the week. These can be booked directly by you by telephoning appointments on 01294 441441 or by making the request in person at the front desk.

If you have a suspected infectious disease

Please inform reception if you suspect an infectious disease, as this will enable us to deal with it appropriately during your visit to protect you, other patients and staff. 

Interpreting Services

If you do not speak English very well an interpreter can be arranged for you. Please highlight this to staff before booking appointments as a longer appointment is required. A telephone interpreter will be arranged at the start of the consultation.

Deaf/Mute Patients

If you do not have access to an interpreter to assist during your consultation this can be arranged for you. This should be arranged when booking the appointment.

Consultations 16 to 75 

If a patient aged between 16 and 75 years has not had a practice consultation within a period of three years, we are happy, on request, to provide a consultation.

Giving Consent for Treatment

You have the right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you, and not to be given any physical examination or treatment unless you have given valid consent. If you do not have the capacity to do so, consent must be obtained from a person legally able to act on your behalf, or the treatment must be in your best interests.

Your valid consent (agreement to the course of action) is needed for the treatment that’s offered to you before any physical examinations or treatment can be given. If you haven’t given your consent, you can accept or refuse treatment that’s offered to you.

It’s important to be involved in decisions about your treatment and to be given information to help you choose the right treatment. When making treatment choices, you’ll often discuss the options with your doctor or another healthcare professional.

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